This week is National Fire Prevention Week! The theme this week is “Every Second Counts: Plan Two Ways Out”, and it reminds us all that seconds can mean the difference between escaping a fire safely or having it end in tragedy. Escape plans are extremely important, yet many businesses and families don’t have a plan in place.

How do you prepare for a potential fire in your commercial space or home?

The most important piece of fire safety is having an escape route and making sure everyone knows it. Every member of your business or household should be able to identify two exits from each room or office space. Practice your escape plan with the entire staff or family, including pets.

Below are just a few ways you can help keep a business or house fire from spreading:

  • Keep all work areas of commercial spaces clean and clear of clutter and trash, especially paper materials.

  • Make sure that the sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers are inspected regularly and function properly.

  • Keep all exit doors accessible and free from obstacles, and make sure they are well marked.

  • Store Flammable materials safely and make sure that they are labeled correctly.

  • Make sure that all appliances are UL Listed and approved.

  • Do not use extension cords for small appliances.

  • Ensure that your smoke alarms are working properly by testing monthly. Replace your batteries yearly and Install new detectors every 10 years.

  • Have heating equipment inspected annually before winter temperatures arrive so that necessary repairs can be made before heating of the building or home is needed.

  • Have an emergency evacuation plan for your employees and family members that includes the locations of all exits and the best paths to them, and be sure to practice a Fire Drill at a minimum once per year.

  • Teach your family to close doors behind them when fleeing a fire as this could help stall the spread of flames.

If your business or home falls victim to fire or smoke damage, HarenLaughlin Restoration is here to help. Simply dial our 24/7 Emergency Response Line at (913) 890-3473 and someone will be on the line immediately. To help minimize lost time during an emergency, download our free HarenLaughlin Restoration app on your phone for instant access to our 24/7 Emergency Response Line.

Below are flyers to help educate and prepare you for the event of a fire in your commercial property or home:

See below flyer to help educate and prepare you for the event of a fire in your commercial property or home: