Water Mitigation

As a company that performs both Mitigation and Restoration services, we use the term, “water mitigation” often.  But, do you know what Mitigation or “to mitigate” means?  We already know water is one of the strongest forces of nature.  We need it.  We drink it.  We swim in it.  But when it comes to storms, natural disasters and emergency situations, water can be our worst nightmare.

The definition of mitigation reads:  the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.  Synonyms include alleviation, reduction, lessening and weakening.  During and after a disaster or emergency, HL Restoration can alleviate and lessen the burden due to a water loss.  These services include applying tarps, boarding up windows, ensuring structural stability and extracting any remaining water.  HL Restoration will step in and start the water mitigation process to take care of our clients.  Along with working with our clients, we are also able to communicate with the insurance company and help turn the chaos into organization.

Whether the cause of water damage is due to bursting or leaking pipes, malfunctioning or faulty appliances, water in crawl spaces or basements, plumbing issues or natural disasters, we are here to assist!  HL Restoration is your go-to Water Mitigation Contractor.